Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can I find Christian Siriano clothing for sale?

Under the "Retailers" section of our website you'll find a list of stores around the world (as well as websites) that carry our clothing. We also offer many items on our own website under "Online Store," and we ship anywhere in the world.

2. What if I can't currently afford the collection but want to own a piece of Christian Siriano's design?

We have made great efforts over the years to make our brand available to all who wish to support it. The Christian Siriano collection is priced the way it is because of the amount of design, hand craftsmanship, and high quality fabrics, materials, and techniques used to create the pieces. The designer price point is not for everybody, however, and we understand that. That's why we collaborate frequently on more widely affordable collections of clothing and accessories. We have released affordable specialty designer collaboration collections of clothing with Amazon, HSN, Lane Bryant, Spiegel, Sam's Club, and others. We have an ongoing collection of shoes and bags with Payless ShoeSource that is available in thousands of Payless stores all over the globe, and we have released beauty collections with E.L.F. and Victoria's Secret.

3. Do you design for "real" women?

We find the term "real women" counterproductive, as all women who live and breathe are "real." We understand the intended meaning of the term, but implying that women of lower weight are not "real" is a disservice to women in general. We have heard from women of all sizes who are offended by use of the term "real women." Why should we ever validate or put down a select group based solely on their weight? That said...

4. Do you design for women of different body types?

Yes! It is simply bad business to ignore a demographic. We order most production runs of the Christian Siriano Collection up to size 18, as that is what our retailers order from us. However, when any piece from our collection is desired in a size not pre-produced, we can make it custom for the client. If you'd like to discuss custom options, please use the contact form on our website. We have also designed a number of more affordable collections that are mass-produced and readily available in a larger range of sizes. Most recently, we released a plus capsule collection with Lane Bryant, and a collection of dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear available in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL with HSN. We also have an ongoing collection of shoes and accessories available at Payless ShoeSource, available in a wide range of sizes.

5. I have a question about or a problem with a collaboration item I purchased.

Usually with our collaboration collections (i.e. Lane Bryant, Payless, HSN, Victoria's Secret, etc.), our involvement ends at design. Our involvement with third-party collaborations does not extend to production, distribution, or sales. So, for example: any issues with price, sizing, or availability of "Christian Siriano For Payless" items should be addressed to Payless directly. We simply are not equipped to answer questions about companies other than our own.

6. Can I send Christian Siriano a personal message?

Though your support is greatly appreciated, unfortunately at this time it is not possible to send Christian any personal mail or email. The reason is: when we accepted personal messages for him, we received many unsolicited ideas, drawings, and design proposals. We cannot accept and are not interested in seeing any unsolicited art or intellectual property. However, you can say hello to Christian on Twitter (csiriano), Facebook (christiansiriano), or Instagram (@csiriano). He replies to supporters when he has the time.

7. How can I apply for a career or internship?

The contact information for our Careers department is listed in the "Contact" section of our website. We do not post new career opportunities publicly, however, we do accept internship applications year-round at our "Careers" contact. Please do not send an employment inquiry to any contact other than our Careers department. We keep all applications on file, and we will be in touch if we are interested in speaking with you.

8. Are you looking for models online? How do I apply to be a model for your company?

We have never searched for models online, and we do not post publicly about our model castings. All of our model castings are done with a professional casting agent who solicits models from established agencies, so that we can be sure all models are being treated fairly. We do not accept any unsolicited submissions or model packages. There have been multiple Craigslist scams that claim to be hiring women to model for our brand. Often these scammers ask for photos and contact information from applicants. These are not legitimate casting calls for our brand, and you should use extreme caution in these situations. Please notify the authorities if you suspect somebody is stalking you, doing anything to harm you, or attempting to gather your sensitive personal information.

9. Can I purchase a ticket to the Christian Siriano show at New York Fashion Week?

Unfortunately, no. Tickets to our New York fashion shows are not sold. Each guest is invited. The shows at New York Fashion Week are understandably intriguing to the public, but the purpose is to show the collections to retail buyers, fashion editors, members of the press, and VIP clients of the brand. Sometimes we may offer tickets for sale as part of fundraisers or in charity auctions.

10. Why am I blocked from posting on one or more of the Christian Siriano social media platforms?

We reserve the right to ban any user who engages in harrassment or abusive behavior toward our brand, other users, and/or the subjects of our posts. Our social media team has a zero-tolerance policy toward users who post spam, insult other users, or make disparaging comments to shame anyone's body. We try to keep our social media comments a safe and fun place for all of our followers. Our social media accounts are about celebrating fashion and sharing beauty, not about putting others down.